Friday, June 12, 2009

Ear Piercing

My little (or should I say taller) sister Mikauli got her ears pierced last week.  My Mom and I took her to clairs to get them pierced. She was Really nervous.  So I decided to be the annoying big sister and film it.  Haha it was so funny..  By the way my sister who just turned 13 two months ago is already 3 inches taller than me! So not fair! We are the complete opposites.  She is tall, dark, and lean.  Everything I'm not. She is absolutely beautiful. She also loves dancing so I will post one of her dances. Well, She is going to break a lot of hearts when she gets older! Love you Mikauli!  sorry the video won't upload.. I'll keep trying


One day Brett and I decided to be spontaneous and got a bunny.  We found her on ad on KSL. So we decided to go and look at her and fell instantly in love with her.  She is a black Netherland Dwarf.  She has a funny personality.  She loves running around in circles and doing a funny jump called a binkie.  It's where they jump up high and kick their legs out to the side.  They do it when they are happy.  Sometimes we will be sitting on the couch and she will jump up on the couch and hop on to our laps.  She is fun having around and when I'm home alone it makes it not so lonely.  Brett and I love her so much but not as much as Bretts nephew Sam.  Sam will run around chasing her yelling bewa! bewa!  He is so adorable.  He now calls every bunny bewa!  He will always remember bella.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Haven't posted in a long time

So I havn't posted anything in a long long time.  So much has happened since my last post. Well where to start...  as you all know I've been going to BYU and doing Gymnastics. I'm not going to lie it has been a really hard experience.  I went from having all the time in the world on my hands to not even having time to think.. I never thought I would do gymnastics again after I quit 4 years ago but I'm glad I decided to go back.  There have been several times where I doubted I made the right choice in going to BYU and doing gymnastics but in the end I think it has made me a better person.  Still trying to decide how much longer I will continue going to BYU and doing gymnastics.  Even though I love doing gymnastics its still not something that is on the top of my priority list.  At the time I made the decision to do gymnastics I had nothing really going on in my life and felt like I needed to do something and thats what I went for.  So I actually was getting really good at gymnastics and not only surprising me but also my coaches and teammates.  But, of course there always has to be a but... my shoulder started to hurt.  It was gradually getting worse and worse to the point I could barely move it.  I ended up getting surgery right before finals.  The Woffindens were extremely nice to me and opened up there home for me.  Brett and his mom Julie took me to the hospital and were there when I woke up.  They were so sweet to me and I could never express my gratitude I have for that family.  I love them all so much!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Woffinden Family

My boyfriend Brett Woffinden has one of the greatest family!  I'm far from my family and they have been so nice to me and have just taken me in as part of their family.  I just love being around them and playing games with them like ticket to ride, clue, settlers of catan, and farkle.  They also always include me in whatever their activities are. I feel so lucky to know all of them.Krista and Kelli are always so nice to me and treat me like a sister. I have always wanted a big sister and feel like I have two great ones now!  They are always including me and being so nice and supportive!  Krista and Kelli also have the cutest little ones that I just can't get enough of! They are adorable! Sam is almost two and is just as cute as can be! He must have some Woffinden genes in him cause just like all the other Woffinden boy's he loves cars!  And little princess Felicity is so cute! She has such a cute smile and is getting happier and cuter everytime I see her! Blake, Brett's older brother is also super nice to me and very caring. He is always aware of my feelings and is always fun to be with.  We also both love ice cream and cheese cake! Devin and Kurt are always so playful and fun to be with and make me feel like I can be myself.  I love all these guys and am so lucky to have them as part of my life!

Pelin Kayalar

I met the most wonderful girl while I was living in Baton Rouge. She came far far away from her home town in Germany to nanny for a family in my parents ward.  She is my age and gorgeous!  The first time Pelin and I ever did anything was a rode trip to Mississippi to go watch the LSU tigers first football game of the season.  Just that one trip alone we became pretty close and even got flashed by and old man. Haha poor Pelin, she probably thinks Americans are crazy! After that we only got closer! We went to New York City and got to see Wicked and Pelin won front row seats for only $25 ( I was so jealous!) so I had to sit in the back row all by myself but still loved the play! We also did all the fun tourist things while in New York. Like Empire State building, ground zero, bike riding in Central Park, Time Square, and a few other fun things. We had a blast!  We have had many exciting time's there in Baton Rouge and I miss her so much.  She is now back in Germany, to far from me.  We have become best friends and also have become real close. We had so much fun times together and got to do so many fun things.  We got to go to New York City, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama together.  We had so many fun memorable moments. I hope to stay life long friends with her and to only make new memories with her!  I love ya Pelin!

LSU Tigers; National Champions

This year was a great football season. It was so exciting!  My family and friends had a great time going and cheering for our tigers. We had lots of fun tailgating, dressing up for the part, and traveling all over the south to go see the tigers play.  My dad was known as the wizard of offense! Go daddy Crowton!  I would have to say this was probably the best season yet.  I also go to meet the band Life House at the National Championship game and got to go to a free concert in New Orleans before the game! it was so much fun!  We all had a blast. To bad I lost my camera with all my National Championship pictures.  Mikauli had her camera thank goodness so we do have a few picture.  Hopefully next year will be just as exciting! Geaux Tigers!